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    Bamboo pharmaceutical: the whole variety of national basic drugs has been brought into electronic su

    According to the work plan of 2011-2015 drug electronic supervision released by the State Food and Drug Administration on February 29, all the national essential drugs have been included in the electronic supervision by the end of February, and by the end of 2015, the whole process electronic supervision of the whole drug variety will be realized.


    The electronic supervision of drugs is equivalent to the "electronic ID card" of drugs, which is an important system established by the State Food and drug administration to control the quality of the whole process of drug production and circulation. Once adverse drug reactions and accidents occur, you can trace the direction of drugs and control the use of drugs at a earlier time. At the same time, it can also prevent fake and inferior drugs from flowing into the regular channels.


    Statistics show that by the end of February 2012, 56000 approval numbers had been included in the electronic supervision of drugs, and the rest of the drug preparation approval numbers that had not been included in the electronic supervision totaled 119000.


    According to the plan, bamboo pharmaceutical will realize the electronic supervision of the whole process of drug varieties, so as to ensure the safety of drugs in production, circulation and use, effectively crack down on fake and inferior drugs, realize the traceability and recall of problematic drugs, and protect the legitimate interests of enterprises and the safety of people's drug use.


    Bamboo pharmaceutical positioning is a modern high-end pharmaceutical enterprise integrated with APIs. The finished drugs are mainly sold to the domestic market, aiming to become the largest supplier of national "4 + 7" volume procurement; in addition to ensuring the company's preparation production needs, most of the APIs are exported to the high-end markets in Europe and America, and the products reach the operation and production of the whole industrial chain. At present, our plant construction firmly follows the principle of "pay attention to progress, ensure safety, high quality and control cost", carries forward the enterprise spirit of "bamboo rooted, solid foundation", and advances our project construction efficiently, rapidly and orderly according to the progress.

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    No. 9, Weiyi Road, Hangzhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province,China
    Tel: +86-13967123387,13588080268
    Sales office address:No.288,shixin south Road,xiaoshan,Hangzhou,Zhejiang
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